A Simple Guide: Dresses Of The Season

Fashion trends come and go, but the favorite season never goes out of view: dresses! Have you ever wondered why the dresses never go out of style? It is because as women, they also come in all sizes and tastes! In this articles we will show you how to match your body type with your favorite party dress of the season!

Maxi Dress

They are essential to your wardrobe. This dress can be used by every body type, no matter if you are short, busty, tall, chubby or skinny… just go for it! This can be used on a daily basis or even at your prom! Just choose the appropriate fabric.

Bandage Dress

These are mainly used on special occasions, so no grocery shopping with them! They favor the silhouette and can be used by those who wish to show their body for everyone! Some girls may feel insecure using it, but this dress can actually be used by chubby or skinny girls. It’s all about personal preference and feeling comfortable with yourself. Dark colors can be used, but it depends on the fabric (like silk) and can be used only at night and wedings. In this case, the word is: elegant. Florals, light colors or patterns can be used on daylight whenever you want to. It’s very confortable, so you can use it on your daily tasks.



Long Sleeve Bandage Dress

Long sleeve bandage dress is very elegant. Same thing as the regular bandage dress, but it’s used more often by night. It’s a classic when used in the color black, but there are countless colors to choose from! Light colors, such as pink, coral, green, blue, white and yellow can be used on daylight at house parties and museums, basically places where you need to dress fancy.

Cocktail Dresses

This dress is worn at formal occasions that require dancing, like proms, balls and parties. They come sleeveless, with long sleeves or straps. Can be very elegant if used carefully. Chubby girls should avoid long sleeves, and those with straps work better for skinny body type. Sleeveless can be used for both busty or none-or-little-busted girls. Cocktail dresses can be found in all sorts of colours, from white to black, but remember: don’t use black if you are going at a dance. PremiĆ©res, fancy dinners and dates are more indicated when using this color.

Remember, the most important thing about fashion is to embrace your body and feel confortable. Remember those tips, have fun and good luck finding your dress!

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