A door lock or a door knob plays an important role in determining the safety of a home. However, that does not mean that door knobs are only meant for main entrances of the house. These are needed for all rooms as well as bathrooms. As locks are important for any house, it should be purchased with due care. However, just purchasing a good lock or a sturdy door knob is not enough. If you want make the best use of the lock that you select, you should know the basic repairing tips related to the door knob. There are times, when people complain of bathroom door knob stuck. In case, you are facing the same problem, you can try out simple tips.

Know Where The Bathroom Door Knob Stuck Occurred

Before starting with the repairing of the stuck door knob of your bathroom, you need to know the main features of the knob. You should at first check the assembly of the knob and then find out the area that has got stuck. Once you detect the area, which is malfunctioning, it will be easier for you to repair the section and make the lock functional all over again. However, tampering with the lock will damage it completely and you may have to change it altogether. Therefore, you should know it well before starting with the repairing work.

The Reason Behind The Bathroom Door Knob Stuck

There can be several reasons for which your bathroom knob might get stuck. If you want to repair the door knob problem on your own, just pulling it or twisting the knob will not serve the purpose. You will have to find out the reason for which the problem occurred. In some cases, the knob get stuck if the door is not locked properly, while in some other case, the knob malfunctions as it some parts of it get damaged due to everyday use. Deposition of dust and dirt in the locks too affect the functioning of locks. Therefore, you should have the patience of finding the cause before starting with the repair.

Try Jiggling Before Taking Out The Lock

When you want to repair bathroom door knob that has got stuck you should at first try simple things like jiggling the lock. If that serves the purpose, there is no need to open the lock. However, if it does not help you in solving the problem, you need a screw driver to open the lock from both sides and find the problem in the lock. Check the entire assembly of the lock minutely and locate the exact area, which is causing problem. You can also checkout the DIY lock repair tips provided by the manufacturer to get the job done easily. Though it is not very difficult to handle the minor repairing issues with the lock, it is recommended to take the help of locksmith for repairing complicated problems. When you hire a professional to repair the lock, you should make sure to check his reputation in this field.